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IRADe maintains a dedicated staff of approximately 35 employees with expertise ranging from econometric analysis to environmental science. If you are interested in joining IRADe, please see our jobs page.

                    Senior Management



Dr. Jyoti K. Parikh

Executive Director

V. K. Kharbanda   Project Director
Subhajit Kumar Ray Technical Specialist
Rohit Magotra Assistant Director
Sharad Verma Assistant Director

                   Technical Staff:



Dr. Probal Ghosh


Rajiv Ratna Panda Programme Coordinator
Dr. Ashutosh Sharma Senior Research Analyst
Chandrashekhar Singh Senior Research Analyst
Gaurav Jain Senior Research Analyst

Vinay Kumar Saini

Senior Research Analyst

Dr. Abhijit Basu

Research Analyst

Mohit Kumar Gupta Senior Project Associate
Asha Kaushik Senior Research Associate
Moumita Shaw Senior Research Associate
Umed Paliwal Sr. Research Associate

Mohit Kumar

Research Associate
Anshuman Behera Research Assistant
Rahul Mazumder Research Assistant
Nikhil Tyagi Research Assistant
Arideep Halder Research Assistant

  Finance and Administration

Ramesh Kumar Tiwari Finance Head
B. K. Sarkar Senior Administrative Officer
P. N. Vamadevan Accounts Officer
Sayema Khan Executive Assistant
Abdulla Javed Administrative Officer
Akhilesh Office Assistant

Senior External Consultants



Ajay Shankar  IAS Senior Advisor
Dr. Ajit Tyagi Senior Consultant

Dr.  K. K. Govil

Senior Consultant

Dr. B. Sengupta    Senior Consultant
Prof. M. N. Murty  Senior Consultant
Prof. Hans Binswanger   Visiting Professor

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